"New Horizons Band" program

AT THIS POINT IN TIME due to Covid restrictions and rental space - the New Horizons Band program is no longer active.

I would like to introduce a program geared for adults who are retired, senior or middle aged. Through the Band Experience, each band member will have an exciting and rewarding experience. They will receive One lesson or rehearsals per week, on a week day morning.  At each rehearsal the band members will receive instruction on proper technique for playing and caring for the instrument. Within six weeks from the start, the members will have enough knowledge to prepare for their first concert. If the program starts in the fall, then preparation begins for Christmas music. If the program begins in January - then we focus on a winter concert and a spring concert. The members will have acquired the confidence and the skill to be able to master many favorites to play for you.

The music program is also fun as well as educational. Research shows that playing a musical instrument can be good for one's health. It can develop fine motor control while also, in the case of wind instruments, expanding lung capacity. And becoming a member of an adult band can give mature adults in particular a renewed sense of purpose. It's a wonderful way to make new friends and to develop new interests. Our students are here to learn new skills, and most importantly, have FUN! No previous experience or note-reading ability is required for this class. Participants have the option of renting or purchasing instruments. It provides a social outlet for people in a creative atmosphere. By signing yourself up for the music program you are ensuring that you will receive all of this and so much more. This program is available for beginners as well as those who are experienced.

COST: lessons $40.00 per month per person or $10.00 per lesson

Instrument Rental - range from $30.00 -50.00 per month

Books - $12.90

Stand - $19.96

If you are interested please fill out the following and mail it to:

Dianne Clark, Music Program

Co-coordinator. (519) 842-7473

18 Glendale Dr Tillsonburg ON N4G 1J2

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ADDRESS: ----------------------------------------

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For more information on the New Horizons Band please check this page.