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Love is the Great Symphony

Though I sing everything from folk to opera

but don't sound out love,

I am simply sour notes.

Though I have developed the insight

to predict a bit

and know all the conservatory secrets

of perfect performance

and hold a great "hallelujah" of faith

but don't project love, I am nothing.

And though I give complimentary lessons

to the ghetto children and burn myself

out on the concert stage - without love

I am an unfinished chord.

Love is a ritard., an andante, a quiet


It is not dissonant and fighting to be

heard above the melody, not even

noticing a four-measure rest.

Love hums happily in harmony, but

twangs in the off-key.

Love - sustains talent,

trusts potential,

expects quality

and lives through growing toward it.

Love never lays down the baton;

where there are ovations, they will

be silenced;

where there is style, it will fade;

where there is expertise, it won't

be needed.

For we are aware of only earthly melodies

and we can share only earthly melodies.

But when the Master Composer takes the dais,

the rehearsal will be ended;

the concert will begin.

When I was a beginner, I played


and All-Cows-Eat-Grass

and was satisfied.

Now that I'm a polished performer, I

set those exercises on the shelf.

Now we view the music vaguely but

then sharply noted

Now I perceive the score simply

but then I'll have the conductor's


So talent, performance and love remain -

but love is the Great Symphony.

(1 Corinthians 13, paraphrased by Jan Bentley)