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Music Related Careers

General Area

  1. Science and Technology

  2. Manufacturer

  3. Designer or manufacturer

  4. Technician

  5. Engineer

  6. Education

  7. Ethnomusicologist/ Historian/musicologist

  8. Conducting

  9. Orchestra/vocal

  10. Publishing

  11. Arts and Entertainment

  12. Production

  13. Administrator

  14. Health Services coordinator

  15. Performance

  16. Composing and Arranging

  17. Business


1.  Software designer

2. Acoustic instrument, Designer or manufacturer, Electronic instrument

3. Instrument repair

4. Piano/organ tuner,Sound/recording engineer,Mastering technician,Studio designer,Acoustical consultant or engineer

5. Concert hall architect

6. Private studio teacher,School teacher (elementary, secondary),University teacher,Conservatory teacher,Music/arts administrator or supervisor,Music/arts administrator or supervisor

7.Educational consultant

8.Music librarian

9.Symphony/chamber,Orchestra conductor,Musical theater/opera/ ballet pit orchestra,Conductor,Conductor for commercials/Radio and televisions/productions/ movie soundtracks

10.Community band,Ensemble conductor,Jazz band conductor,Church music conductor

11.Music copyist,Music engraver,Editor,Proofreader,Graphic artist,Copyright expert marketing,Promotions director/sales director

12.Talent coordinator,Union representative,Rehearsal accompanist,Director,Choreographer,Audio technician,Music journalist/critic,Musician contractor,Music producer (TV, radio, theater)

13.Performing arts,Video producer/ director/engineer

14.Audiologist,Music therapist,Recreation arts coordinator

15. Symphony / chamber/orchestra musician,Musical theater / opera,Ballet pit orchestra,Military band/ choir,Studio musician,Rock/jazz band musician - Instrumental / vocal soloist,Church / temple musician

16.Composer/ arranger of music for school/ community bands, orchestras, vocals ensembles,Composer/arranger of music for professional bands, orchestras, vocal ensembles,Musical theater/ opera/ballet composer or orchestrator,Composer/ arranger for television and radio,Commercials productions,Composer/ arranger for rock or jazz ensembles

17.Music retailer (owner, manager, salesperson),Sales representative for instruments,Music distributor,Arts administrator,Arts lawyer (copyright, contracts, etc.),Talent agent,Concert promoter,Ticket sales coordinator