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Policies and Procedures


The study of music is a truly rewarding and enriching experience that will remain with your child all his or her life.  My goal is to provide each student with a well-rounded piano education in a positive and fun environment.  It is my belief that every student can succeed musically, and parental encouragement and involvement is a large factor in that success.  The following policies and procedures help to make my studio run smoothly and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Assuring Success in Music Lessons


Successful satisfying music study is dependent upon correct and consistent practice habits.  In order for students, parents and myself to experience success, the following are my requirements:

ü     Arrange a set time everyday for you or your child to practice.

ü     Provide a practice setting free from distraction (siblings, TV, etc)

ü     Make sure written assignments are finished and the student is prepared for the lesson.

ü     Practice time is daily.

ü     Students are expected to come to their lessons on time with all materials: assignment book and music.

ü     Just as parents are very involved in checking their children’s classroom work, they should also take an active role in their children's piano assignments.  Positive encouragement yields great results!


Missed Lessons


1.   Lessons missed by me will be rescheduled.

2.   Lessons missed due to the student’s illness or emergency will be rescheduled.  Please contact me by 8:30 am the day of your child's lesson otherwise the lesson may not be    made up.  If no notification is given the lesson is forfeited and will not be rescheduled.  Fees are not reduced by missed lessons.



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